Svetlana Steiner

My Motto:  Everything that you can imagine is possible

My Vision
I´m passionate about coaching, training, working with people and especially with children, inspiring them in order to achieve their full potential and make their dreams come true in their lives.

My brief Story
As a little girl I already have met my fisrt love - the ballet. My second love was the theatre. The dancing and the expression through my voice and my body was something that made me feel happy. When I was playing with other children I was always organizing them in a way that everybody had a role, a "number" to present. We trained for hours and then inviting the parents to see our "show". I was doing this home, I was doing this when we were outside in the nature or when I was visiting my grandparents in the summer holidays. We were playing our show till late in the warm nights, closing the whole street where we lived.
The dancing and theatre did not become my profession, but they stayed in me and accompany me in my live, helping in different cases - to adjust to a new situation,  to communicate with people, to be focused and disciplined, to define my goal and to persistently follow it. Arts help me to be open to other people and other cultures, to have empathy and understanding, to  be always inquisitive and searching in my life upto today.

My inspiration
I wanted to transfer this passion and love to my daughter and started some dance and drama games with her when she was barely 3 year old. Slowly it grew involving other kids. This is how the Dance & Drama School "Serendipity" was born.

What I learned?
My study of theatrical semiotics and history of art in the Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, was a logical continuation of the numerous drama & dance courses I was doing during my school years. 
Later on, I was coached by wonderful mentors & coaches in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) & mind training, dance choreographers and theatre, yoga & fitness instructors, consulting managers, colour & stone therapists, and other great people in my life, who gave me the tools and methods to achieve the most of potential of me and people I work with.

My long-term experience as a manager in the world of technologies as well as in human resources management, enabled me to acquire the skill to observe, pay attention to details and to be creative when dealing with people or situations. 

​My empathy and genuine interest in people, armes me with the strong intuition about other peoples`needs and desires. I make sure they overcome the hidden limits they put in their minds and bring out their talents and skills they never thought of.​​