Giulia Consoli
I think that deciding to study ballet
was one of the best choice in my life.
The effort that required is at the end much less than what this discipline give back to you during your life. It is not just matter to learn a tecnique, it is all the rest, what is around that, how that influence your daily life, your habits; and I mean it in a positive way.

Learning Ballet, means learning how to be responsable of your body, your health, of your things; you have to manage to organize your time, you will spend many hours in the ballet room but at the same time you are going to school as well; and that means also that you won't have so much time to go out with friends or do other stuff; but I have no regrets.

Ballet teaches you how to concentrate, how sometimes the mind is more important then the body, when it is difficult or hurts, but you still go on, what does it mean to take things seriously, how much you can learn from the older ones. And all that will stay with you forever, no matter if you will never work for a dance company or in a Theater, you will always be grateful to who helps you going through this, and you will certainly be proud of yourself.

Short profile
Giulia began to dance at the age of 9 and completed her professional training in Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz in Italy.
After graduation she started as apprentice for the "Spellbound Dance Company" directed frm Mauro Astolfi, she then worked in the "Emiliano Pellisari Studio" ensamble, dancing "Sleeping Beauty" at the Opera House in Cagliari, and collaborated with other italian choreographers. After three years in Rome she began to work abroad: she featured as Dance Captain in Germany, then danced for the Grand Theatre du Luxembourg in two productions of the choreographer Jean Guillaume Weis (TanzTheater Pina Bausch), as well as at the Royal Opera House in Muscat was part of the "Carmen" ensemble.
In 2014 she began to collaborate as Dance Captain for Le-Théatre-Kriens in Luzern, and is currently working as a freelance dancer and professional ballet teacher.

Giulia offers also group classes and private lessons in dnaces and flexibility in Luzern: